Read those wonderful words from Jolene about being a child of God… #IAMYOURCHILD


Those words came from her heart and touched my soul.


Psalm 139 clearly reveals to us that we are children of God. We are wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious in His sight. Before God made you, He knew you… there is no one else like you!

So many times, we sit with our negativeness and fail to acknowledge the blessings on us. This is what I inferred when I listened to Claire singing I am your child. The music was extremely soothing and her voice penetrated straight into my heart. The repetition of the line wonderfully sung by Claire “I AM YOUR CHILD” is a reaffirmation to all of us that no matter what our lives are, what we have been through, He welcomes us back into his arms as new beings.

We are born again in His Perfect Love. Satan is all out to devour us. It is He who comes to steal, kill and destroy but Christ comes to give us eternal life and that’s life in abundance. I am truly moved by your song Claire. Praise God for bringing such amazing singers like you and keep doing wonderful music in accordance to His Will.

– Jolene Dias, India